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The Rina Diet is a daily dissociated diet, which is eating a specific category of food each day, in 4-day cycles over a period of 90 days, as a means for losing weight. In the Rina Diet, or Rina 90-day diet, one day per month is set aside for fasting.


The Rina Diet is the product of research on a system of nutrition carried out by Rina magazine over 15 years, and is the passion of two Slovenian authors, Breda Hrobat and Mojca Poljansek under the direction of Dr. Stefan Celan.

In 2004, the first version of the book on the Rina diet was released, which was so successful that it was later translated into 10 languages and published in Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Germany. At the moment there is no Italian version, while an English translation is nearly ready to be published.

Many forums of Rina diet supporters have been created on the web where tips, information and new recipes are exchanged.

Many knockoffs of the Rina diet have surfaced using its name, ideas and recipes, reinforcing the fact that the diet’s originality is a point of strength.

To learn more, we interviewed one of the authors, Mojca Poljansek, who pointed out the strengths of the Rina diet.

What is the Rina diet?

The Rina diet is a dissociated diet that does not focus much on calories and caloric consumption, but more on the type of food you must eat every day, without forgetting the importance of regular physical activity.

It is proposed as a healthy and effective diet that can positively change weight in just 90 days and maintain the weight loss over time. It is aimed primarily at obese or heavily overweight people, citing obesity as one of the most important issues to address and promises weight loss up to 25 kg.

This is a good one, and worth a try.

The book is designed so that you do not need to think about what you eat the next day. It is not necessary to follow a specific menu; it is only important to follow the rule of choosing from the category of food that is allowed on that day.

The Rina diet is also formulated for those who do not have much time to cook, as the recipes are simple, tasty, already appropriately combined and based on products that are available in stores. Some foods can be cooked, put in the freezer and consumed after several days. It is also possible to savor your favorite dish, as long as it is within the guidelines of the program and that you consume a combination of foods.

It is a diet that ensures success without the subsequent yo-yo effect, it is a program in which many people have found a way to tune in to their body’s desires and, consequently, change their diet and be physically more active. You will discover that the Rina diet is not truly a diet, but a different way of eating healthily. Balanced meals are offered without having to go hungry. In addition, the Rina diet should help regulate metabolism, increase health and general well-being.

After just a few weeks you find yourself full of energy, health and in a good mood.

If you follow the instructions of the program of the Rina diet for 90 days, you will soon see a happier person in the mirror, with more self-confidence and one who has achieved a better quality of life.

 2) How does the Rina diet work?

The concept behind the Rina diet is very simple: it is easier to digest a certain type of food without mixing it with others. Taking into consideration the composition of foods, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the philosophy behind the Rina diet and all other dissociated diets is that it is better not to combine foods such as pasta, bread and potatoes that are digested in a basic or alkaline environment with meat, fish and eggs that are instead digested in an acidic environment.

The combination of certain foods in a meal makes the breakdown and assimilation of the most similar nutrients possible and, therefore, according to the dissociated Rina diet, the body requires less energy for digestion, the metabolism improves enormously, the immune system is strengthened, and the psychophysical condition is also improved.

 # The rules to follow in the Rina diet are:

  • no forgoing or skipping meals, only including the daily permissible foods of the nutritional plan
  • there are no calorie or quantity limits, because the secret is in the correct combination of foods
  • following the established time intervals and the correct distribution of meals
  • a sufficient amount of hydration and regular physical activity

The Rina diet is not a restrictive diet because it allows you to eat all kinds of food, teaching an optimal way of combining them in your diet.

# The Rina diet: the 4-day cycle

In the 90 days, four days of varying diets are repeated. The program starts with a day of proteins, followed by two days of carbohydrates which, due to their different compositions, simple and complex carbohydrates, are divided into two groups: starches and carbohydrates. The second day is that of starches, the third day of carbohydrates. The fourth day is that of vitamins. Then the cycle is resumed with a new day dedicated to proteins. After seven cycles of 4 days, day 29 is dedicated to cleansing the body through water and fasting.

# Day 1: The day of protein

The day starts with a fruit breakfast. Then for both lunch and dinner, only protein but without limits. Meat, fish, eggs. Only protein foods and remember during dinner to accompany the main course with a slice of bread.

# Day 2: the day of starches

The day starts with a fruit breakfast. Then the second day of the Rina diet is dedicated to starches

Starches refer to all foods that are eaten in the same state as they were grown and cultivated (potatoes, rice, beans, peas, corn kernels …). The real carbohydrates, however, are those foods that have been processed before arriving in stores and change appearance and shape. On the second day, therefore, you can eat rice, because the grains have the same shape with which they were grown, but not pasta, gnocchi or tortellini, which are  processed and comprised of different foods such as flour and eggs.

On the second day, both for lunch and dinner, consume any starches contained in rice, barley, oats, quinoa, farro … and legumes such as peas, beans, potatoes, lentils…

During dinner, accompany the main course with a slice of bread.

 # Day 3: the day of carbohydrates

The day always starts with a fruit breakfast. Then it’s the day of the Rina diet, which is the day when you can eat carbohydrates without feeling guilty.  Enjoy pizza, pasta, desserts, bread … Also for dinner, a piece of dark chocolate or a slice of cake or an ice cream.

# Day 4: the day of vitamins

It is the day of vitamins, where you can eat any kind of fruit you want.

On all four days, you can accompany the foods of the day with any kind of vegetables: vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers and salad. Raw, cooked or prepared in any way.

A simple hot soup, a cup of hot tea or a glass of hot water are always recommended at the end of each meal.

It is not so important how food is cooked and prepared, only the correct combination of food is important. What matters in the Rina diet is associating foods without quantity limits. In the beginning, meals are usually larger, but those who follow this diet slowly discover that you cannot eat such large dishes of the same food category and the portions begin to become smaller. Within a month, the stomach begins to adjust and will not bear large amounts of food.

The Rina diet book also recommends keeping a food diary, which can help in adhering to the diet.

 3) Rina Diet: strengths and weaknesses

It is a diet requiring a three-month commitment, a long period if one thinks of the food regimes that are advertised and that allow dangerous weight loss in one or two weeks. Of course, 25 kg in three months means about 2 kg of weight loss per week, definitely an extreme amount of weight loss that we do not recommend you ever do, but it is interesting that it proclaims itself as a diet that you can follow for a lifetime.

In the Rina diet, we support the focus on fruit and vegetables and the necessity of discovering grains that are not often used in our diet such as such as farro, barley, oats, millet and rye.

We are not the biggest supporters of dissociated diets, because foods are complex from a nutritional point of view and we believe it is hardly possible to separate carbohydrates from proteins: just check the proteins present in pasta and bread to realize this.

In the Rina diet, we find it interesting that there is a day dedicated to fasting, especially in an age of food excesses such as ours. Even just 24 hours of total caloric restriction is difficult to achieve without suffering. We are more supportive of less drastic approaches, such as intermittent fasting for up to 16 hours in which many studies confirm its effectiveness.

We like the fact that we do not need to count the calories of the foods we eat, because counting calories cannot be done for life, and we find any diet that proposes this to be ineffective.

As advocates of a varied and balanced diet, with a lot of exercise and an active and dynamic lifestyle, we think that the Rina diet can serve people who are looking for a more restrictive diet, which can help in introducing the various dietary compositions. nutritional foods and provide an extra psychological stimulus.

The secret of the Rina diet

Mojca Poljansek told us:

“The secret of the Rina diet lies in the combination of food and particularly in the fact that you can eat everything, as long as it is in the right combination. It is a healthful diet that works and you can eat like this for a lifetime. Our diet is not extreme, it does not leave you hungry and it does not force you to sacrifice, you just have to a couple of days and you can eat what you want. It’s a pleasant game. At the same time, you must find a form of physical activity that you can do for the rest of your life. This means that instead of following a fitness course for 5 days a week, it is advisable to walk two or three times a week, at first slowly and then more quickly, because this is a physical activity that you can do for a lifetime, plus some exercise in the morning that helps activate the metabolism … ”

Conclusions on the Rina diet

The Rina diet is a refreshing and unusual way to lose weight. By consuming several food groups separately, you can get benefits that allow you to lose weight. The separation of food groups also involves major disadvantages. Overall, we doubt that this diet has an effect on your weight. If you are able to follow the strict rules of the Rina diet for 3 months, it is very likely that once the diet is stopped you will recover the pounds you lost. The Rina diet works, in fact, only if you continue to follow it, and only a few succeed. Also, you will want to continue enjoying the food.

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