VitalDermax anti-wrinkle: the ideal cream for all skin types


You’ve probably already heard of VitalDermax, the night-time wrinkle cream that seems suitable for all skin types, whether oily or dry, mature or young.

vitaldermax reviewsIdeal for anyone who wants to prevent and in some way soothe the typical signs of skin aging.

In this review we will try to understand if VitalDermax really works, we will discover its ingredients, where to buy it and the various opinions circulating on the web, not only in the United States of America, but everywhere it is sold.

Skin aging

The aging process of the skin is natural. Over the years, wrinkles and sagging skin become more and more evident, yet skin changes are also linked to environmental factors, genetic constitution, nutrition and much more. The most important factor, however, is sun exposure, and today we know with certainty that UV light is the main external cause of skin aging.

Changes in connective tissue reduce the resistance and elasticity of the skin and cause a leathery appearance, made worse over time, as is particularly noticeable in farmers, sailors and other people who spend most of their life outdoors. However, nowadays it can also be seen on the skin of people who expose themselves to the sun for many hours, without adequate protection.

All this should not be seen as an inevitable consequence, but something to prevent, and sometimes cure. For this to happen, however, it is necessary to act on several fronts to protect and nourish the skin of the face as much as possible. Among the many things to do, it is important to choose an appropriate cream. According to our research, VitalDermax can work and we can see why.

The VitalDermax anti-wrinkle cream

The anti-wrinkle cream Vitaldermax, which penetrates deep into the skin, has intensive action and improves the growth of collagen and elastin, smoothes the skin and helps to lighten sunspots. All this thanks to its ingredients, which are natural, effective and above all they do not have side effects, therefore they do not damage or weaken the skin.

VitalDermax consists of:

99.5% collagen: a very popular natural active ingredient and used in skin creams of all kinds. Collagen gives the skin elasticity, brightness and improves the appearance of wrinkles, ‘filling them’ and making them less noticeable;

hyaluronic acid: it is another component of creams and not only, when it is able to regenerate tissues, give elasticity and in particular to the skin gives the necessary shine and vitality;

Salmon DNA: Salmon DNA is a rather innovative active ingredient that acts as a protector of the skin, avoiding the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections and nourishing the skin thoroughly;

centella asiatica: a plant well known in traditional oriental medicine, which has multiple properties. Adding to an anti-wrinkle cream like VitalDermax serves to help the natural production of collagen and elastin.

VitalDermax should be applied every night before bedtime and must be part of a daily beauty routine that includes:

  • the cleansing of the face with a cleanser that is as delicate and natural as possible;
  • Passing a cube of ice across the face in small massaging circles.
  • The application of VitalDermax cream onto the entire face again in small circular motions until it is completely absorbed (for no less than 3 minutes).

In this way the cream can truly make a difference and help substantially in replacing the elasticity and vibrancy of youthful skin.

VitalDermax opinions and online reviews

There are currently not many VitalDermax reviews, at least in The United States. We did some research in other countries – looking for opinions in Spanish and in English – and we realized that, basically, it is a well-liked product.

Among the things that are most appreciated are its natural components, its effectiveness and above all the fact that it has no side effects – except for the rare exceptions of someone sensitive to one of the ingredients (for this it is advisable to test the product by putting a small quantity on the back of a hand).

We found no criticism, even if someone has not noticed particular changes after its use. Using the ice and maintaining continuity must be part of the VitalDermax treatment, otherwise it is to be expected that its results are limited. You must keep this in mind: miraculous products do not exist and you cannot receive the effect of a facelift simply by using a cream, whatever it is.

Where to buy VitalDermax and how much it costs

VitalDermax is not found in pharmacies, nor in herbalists or other retail stores. The manufacturer has decided to eliminate the intermediaries and sell this anti-wrinkle cream only on the official website, where it can guarantee an affordable price. For the same reason, it is not yet found on Amazon, Ebay or similar places, although things will probably change in the future.

To date, to order it is necessary to fill in the order form by entering personal information and phone number, then an operator will call for the order confirmation (service offered on working days in hours 9:00 – 17:30).

As for the price, the first time you enter the site you understand that VitalDermax is often on sale, but still may not be within everyone’s reach. It must be said however that its ingredients are always quite expensive when used in any face cream and this only guarantees its authenticity.

The final verdict on VitalDermax

As you have probably already understood, we think VitalDermax cream can be beneficial to anyone who really cares about the skin of their face. Nevertheless, it is important to note that VitalDermax must be considered complementary to a facial skin care routine and, as such, it is not a miraculous product that can solve all life’s careless habits.

The natural aging of the skin can be slowed down and its effects limited, but to repair the damage of the sun, of a poor quality diet and the misuse of poor quality products requires persistence and awareness of their long-term effects.

Correct protection from the sun the use of the most natural cosmetics possible and those suitable for your skin type, as well as a thorough daily cleansing of the facial skin, are part of an essential routine so that the appearance of your face regains a natural elasticity and vibrancy.

There is a lot to like about VitalDermax because we consider it to be the anti-wrinkle cream suitable for all skin types – even if it is recommended especially for dry skin – being ideal to accompany the aforementioned routine, since its components are natural and that it does not contain chemical additives, alcohol or strange substances. As a consequence it is unlikely to cause skin reactions and allergies (a skin test is always recommended, because nature can also give light reactions, although it is less likely than chemical components).

According to our research, people appreciate its quality and consider it a pleasant product to use as an anti-wrinkle cream. Chances are considerable that the use of Vitaldermax will result in a more beautiful and radiant skin.

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